pere faura
   performance artist
  sweet fever

photos: angèle caucanas. manege, scene national. reims. november 2018

photos: d. matvejev. arts printing house. vilnius, lithuania. may 2018

photos: leeksonfilms. festival sismògraf. olot april 2017

photos: mauri serrado. festival foreign affairs. berlin july 2016

photos: alessia bombaci. antic teatre barcelona. february 2016

photos: martina alcobendas (balla barcelona). antic teatre barcelona. february 2016

video_sequence 3:

TEASER. festival sismògraf. olot. april 2017. video: leeksonfilms

video_sequence 2:

festival sismògraf. olot. april 2017. video: leeksonfilms

video_sequence 1:

festival foreign affairs. berlin july 2016


sweet fever




dance, evasion, work. friendship. loneliness, sexual energy, euphoria, violence, community, abandonment, repetition

concept, direction and choreography:

pere faura

direction, light design and scenography:

jordi queralt

direction and dramaturgy:

esteve soler


to specify in each exhibition space

dj session:

amaranta velarde

video design:

joan escofet

technical coordination:

sergio roca saiz

choreography assitant:

jefta van dinther

artistic production:

sandra casals / blancproduccions


joan gay

co- production:

antic teatre (BCN)

with the support of:

la caldera (BCN)
nunArt (BCN)
la palomera / les antonietes teatre (BCN)
la visiva (BCN)

with the special support of:

Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya (CAT)
gencat / cultura




November 2016 - Centre Cultural La Mercè - Temporada Alta (Girona)



"Sweet fever" is a choreographic loop based on a single dance phrase, the iconic dance of "Fever Night", the group line dance at the disco in "Saturday Night Fever”. Performed by a large group of dancers, its long repetition moves between the faithful execution, to modification, deformation or complete disfigurement, and simultaneously enters into dialogue with the other theatrical elements such as video, music or lights, that re-signify this iconic choreography of the representation of the night and party worlds.

A ritualistic and ecstasy-like trip that proposes a (re)view of the world of banal entertainment and the constant search for immediate pleasure. A funny, reflective and very sweaty analogy between the dance of the past and the music of today, between the rigid choreography of the cinema in the seventies and the loose corporality of the current late night pleasure, between the representation of happiness on the big screen and the presentation the a real physical enjoyment in the performance space.


"Sweet fever" is a flexible performative score created from the choreography of the number "Fever Night" in "Saturday Night Fever" to be performed by a large group of volunteers, that will learn the score in two rehearsal days.

Preferably, it should be presented at night and in a disco or nightclub, but can also be presented on the street or in open spaces, and also in unusual or non-theatrical spaces. The score of the piece is easily adaptable to any exhibition space and also permits a durational modification, making it longer or shorter, depending on the occasion.

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date author / publication language
2016.Nov.21 Oriol Osan / ca
2016.Nov.19 Jordi Bordes / ca
2016.July.27 VIDEO INTERVIEW /Anne Phillips-Krug / Berliner Festspiele en
2016.February.5 VIDEO / khe / Antic Teatre es
2016.February.4,5 FOTOS / Alessia Bombaci / Antic Teatre es
2016.February.5 Martina Alcobendas / Balla Barcelona ca
2016.January.27 VIDEO Tria 33 / Júlia Bertran / Tv3 ca


date place
2019.March.15 Valladolid
2018.November.17 Manege, Scene National. Reims
2018.October.28 Mes de Danza. Sevilla
2018.May.12 Arts Printing House. Vilnius, Lituània
2018.February.25 El cine rev[b]elado. Cicle de performance audio-visual.CA2M, Madrid
2017.July.16,17 Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Athens
2017.July.6 Julidans. Amsterdam
2017.April.10-21 Festival Sismògraf, Olot
2017.April.6-9 Mercat de les flors. Barcelona
2016.Nov.18 PREMIERE. Temporada Alta. Girona
2016.Nov.7-11 Creative residence. La Visiva. Barcelona
2016.October.17-22 Creative residence. La Caldera les Corts. Barcelona
2016.September.19-22 Creative residence. La Caldera les Corts. Barcelona
2016.July.16 (all night version) Berlin - Foreign Affairs / Berlin Festpiele. Berlin
2016.July.4-22 Creative residence. El Graner. Barcelona
2016.February.4-5 Work-in-progress show for itinerant workshop. Antic Teatre, Barcelona
2016.January.30-31 Itinerant workshop. La Palomera / Anonietes Teatre. Barcelona
2016.January.23-24 Itinerant workshop. La Visiva. Barcelona
2016.January.18-22 Itinerant workshop. La Caldera. Barcelona
2016.January.16-17 Itinerant workshop. NunArt. Barcelona
2015.July.16 Work-in-progress show. La Poderosa, Barcelona
2015.July.13-16 Creative residence. La Poderosa, Barcelona
technical needs: