pere faura
   performance artist
  watching you

watching you
( video event by pere faura and adnan hasovic )




watching video installation audience gaze


8 minutes


Gasthuis Amsterdam


Gasthuis Amsterdam. January 2007


Every time I perform the solo “This is a picture of a person I don’t know” I look at the eyes of somebody of the audience for a little bit less than a minute, with a camera on hand. And I record it. And I look how this person looks when he looks at me… or at the camera. But now this person is looking at you.

Watching you is a compilation of some of those moments between uncomfortable and morbid, from people at the audience who become suddenly anonymous protagonists. A reflection on the gaze, live or recorded, on the public subject who becomes a film object and on the fragile space between the spontaneity of the scene and the nostalgia of the image.

date venue
2007.January Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam, Holanda
2007.January Verkaderfabirek Theater, Den Bosch, Holanda
2007.August b-motion, Bassano del Grappa, Italia
2007.October La porta, Barcelona
2008.March Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona
2008.July kalamata dance festival, Grecia
2008.October STUK, Leuven, Bélgica
2009.January tanzhaus wrn, Dusseldorf
2009.October eXplore dance festival, Bucharest, Romania
2010.May "punt de trobada". Museu Picasso. Barcelona
2010.May Teatro Kismet. Bari, Italia
2010.August Dutch Culture Centre. Expo 2010. Shanghai, China
2011.January Scène Nationale de Sénart. Sénart, Francia