pere faura
   performance artist
  this is a picture of a person I don't know

photos by Giancarlo Ceccon


This is a picture of a person I don't know / 2007


this is a picture of a person I don't know




performance musicals memory nostalgia lonelliness reality fiction

concept and direction:

pere faura


pere faura


adnan hasovic


ivo bol


ellen knops

dramaturgical advise:

jeroen fabius

movement advise:

naiara mendioroz


30 minutes


theaterschool, Amsterdam

tour management:

frascati producties


Voorjaarsontwaken Festival, Den Haag, April 2006


“This is a picture of a person I don’t know” is a multidisciplinary solo performance about the concept of loneliness and the idea of nostalgia as a way to escape from it.

Considering the phenomena of musicals as part of the collective memory and as part of the performer’s own history, some known musicals scenes from “A chorus line” or “Singing in the rain” are used to deconstruct the mechanism of seduction in Broadway’s dance shows and taken as narrative tools to expose the performer’s most personal conflicts.

Mixing existing musicals video material with footage recorded with a small video camera, “this is a picture of a person I don’t know” proposes a complex structure of time and memory that allows the audience to travel through their own history as well as trough the history of the piece itself. The spectator is addressed directly and is conceived as another character in a very close relation with the performer.

Trying to discover new spaces between theater and cinema, between recorded and live, between reality and fiction, “this is a picture of a person I don’t know” proposes an emotional journey through memory and nostalgia in a humoristic, but poetical way; complex, but transparent; personal, but accessible.

watching you:

Every time I perform “This is a picture of a person I don’t know” I look at the eyes of somebody of the audience for a little bit less than a minute. And I record it. I look how this person looks when he looks at me, or at the camera.
"Watching you" is a short video film created out of some of these spectators, spectators of the show, but performers of this movie.

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date venue
2006.April Voorjaarsontwaken Festival, Den Haag
2006.June Its Festival, Awarded for the Best Choreography, Amsterdam
2006.July Freshdance/Julidans, Amsterdam
2006.September Dansclick Showcase, Den Haag
2006.October Nederlandse Dans Dagen, Maastricht
2006.October Platform of Young Choreographers, Zagreb
2007.January Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam
2007.January Verkaderfabirek Theater, Den Bosch, Holland
2007.February Aerowaves, London
2007.August b-motion, Bassano del Grappa, Italy,
2007.Autumn Dansclick Holland Tour (27 performances)
2007.September.22 - Theater de Veste. Delft
2007.September.25 - Podium Twente. Enschede
2007.September.26 - Schouwburg Arnhem. Arnhem
2007.September.28 - Theater Castellum. Alphen a/d Rijn
2007.October.3 - Schouwburg De Lawei. Drachten
2007.October.5 - Theater De Vest. Alkmaar
2007.October.6 - Leidse Schouwburg. Leiden
2007.October.9 - Schouwburg De Harmonie. Leeuwarden
2007.October.10 - Goudse Schouwburg. Gouda
2007.October.12 - Zaantheater. Zaandam
2007.October.13 - De Hanzehof. Zutphen
2007.October.14 - Schouwburg De Storm. Winterswijk
2007.October.18 - Witte Theater. IJmuiden
2007.October.19 - Theater 't Voorhuys. Emmeloord
2007.October.20 - Schouwburg Amstelveen. Amstelveen
2007.October.23 - Theaters Tilburg. Tilburg
2007.October.24 - Schouwburg Almere. Almere
2007.October.25 - Schouwburg Agnietenhof. Tiel
2007.October.27 - Theater De Lampegiet. Veenendaal
2007.October.30 - Theater de Maaspoort. Venlo
2007.October.31 - De Verkadefabriek. Den Bosch
2007.November.1 - Isala Theater B.V. Capelle a/d Ijssel
2007.November.2 - Chasse Theater N.V. Breda
2007.November.3 - Schouwburg Kunstmin. Dordrecht
2007.November.7 - Theater 't Speelhuis. Helmond
2007.November.8 - Schouwburg Het Park. Hoorn
2007.November.10 - De Verbeelding. Purmerend
2007.October La porta, Barcelona
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona
kalamata dance festival, Greece
STUK, Leuven, Belgium
tanzhaus wrn, Dusseldorf
Dance base - Fringe Festival, Edimburgh
eXplore dance festival, Bucharest, Romania
International Dance Festival Birmingham. DanceXchange - Birmingham. Hippodrome - Birmingham
"punt de trobada". Museu Picasso. Barcelona
Teatro Kismet. Bari, Italy
Dutch Culture Centre. Expo 2010. Shanghai, China
Scène Nationale de Sénart. Sénart, France
technical needs:

People needed:
- pere faura: performer
- ellen knops: lights operator
- adnan hasovic: video operator
- ivo bol: sound operator

Time needed to build up:
between 4 and 6 hours.
Important note: 5 minutes before starting the piece there is a dance recording that finishes with recording the audience coming into the theatre. So it’s extremely important that the piece is presented at the beginning of the program or after a break, meaning when the audience comes in.

Equipment brought by the company:
- 1 photo-video camera
- 1 video mixer

Equipment needed from the theater:
- 1 video projector (beamer) on stage
- 1 television on stage
- 1 wireless hand microphone
- 1 microphone stand
- 1 little stool or chair
- 4 BNC cables from the technical cabin to the stage
- audio mixer
- light board

Sound needs:
- audio-mixer (4 channels)
   · wireless microphone
   · cd player
   · audio from video-camera
   · audio from computer

Light needs:
   > see light plan (pdf)
   > see audio-video plan (pdf)
- general white light*
- general blue light (174)*
- 1 white PC focusing the audience
- 4 white Profiles
- 1 blue PC (220)
- 3 pars 64 on the floor (135, 205, 147)
* the general white light and the general blue light are adaptable to the facilities of the performing space.

The space:
- white floor
- white horizon or white back wall
- the dimensions of the space are flexible but minimum 8m x 8m