pere faura
   performance artist
  panoramas, video and dance

flyer by pere faura
photos: mattias

photos: noemi bernet


panoramas, video and dance




performance, panoramas, video, dance, shower, laboratory, perception

concept and direction:

pere faura


aitana cordero
pere faura
urska vohar
guillem mont

dramaturgical advise:

jeoren fabius

technical advise:

marce schmalchemeijer


20 minutes


Theatreschool, Amsterdam


Theatreschool, Amsterdam, February 2004


“Panoramas, video and dance” is an image laboratory. A performance research focused on the relationship between camera and body in movement, between life image and projected image, between reality and fiction.

The performers manipulate the machines as well as they interact physically with each other. They are at the same time creators and protagonists of the images. How does the manipulation of the machines influence the movement? How does the movement influence the manipulation of the machine?

Taking as a starting point the idea of the duet, we have been exploring its different expressions using the relation between video and life image. How many different perceptions can we have from the same image? How can we deconstruct a duet in two different solos? Or transform a solo in a duet between two different perceptions of the solo?

One of the main ideas of the piece is also the use of the space in its particular architecture, so every new performance becomes a new research about the relationship between the concept, the movement material, the video and the space where it is shown.

“Panoramas, video and dance” is a multidisciplinary fusion that questions the limits of video and dance and explores the boundaries of cinema and theatre conventions by putting them together, trying to discover new artistic languages and new codes of communication.

date venue
Theatreschool, Amsterdam


II Festival de Peces Curtes de Barcelona
technical needs:

- 1 beamer
- 1 light “profile”
- 2 video cameras
- 1 tripod
- 2 BNC cables to connect the cameras to the beemer
- 1 discman
- 1 speakers
- christmas lights
- 1 little trolley minimum 150 x 60 cm with 4 wheals.

The space should have minimum two white walls. If not, we could use two white clothes. And the floor should also be white, although it’s not strictly necessary.

The space should also have a door or window to another space. If not, the last solo of the door would be adapted in relation with the characteristics of the space.