pere faura
   performance artist
  bomberos con grandes mangueras

fotos: andreüs de gabriel

fotos: sonia carballo socatoba

vídeo sequence:

bomberos con grandes mangueras. july 2013. Berliner Festspiele. Berlin.


bomberos con grandes mangueras




stripping, fire, pornographic imagery, masturbation, pleasure architecture

choreography and permormer:

pere faura


vivaldi + actors "on fire"


15 minuts


CUVO - curated by Alex Brahim


CUVO, Matadero, Madrid, December 11-12, 2010


As an attempt to undress the undressed, the piece re-visits the porn imaginary as a choreographic practice. Following different strategies such as concret re-contextualization or complete abstraction, a dancer practices alone the dual dance par excellence. A masturbation with no loneliness. A striptease to the architecture of plasure, wihch the audience witnesses in that space bewteen being spectator and being voyeur, between the private and the public, between the explicit and the erotic. A naked, sweaty and dirty relfection about the gimnastics of excitement and the physicality of desire.

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date place
2010.December CUVO, Matadero, Madrid
2011.March get together and dance, De Balie, Amsterdam
2011.December Escena Criminal nº2 / CRIM, Creadors Independents en Moviment. Antic Teatre, Barcelona
2012.May La caldera. Barcelona
2012.November Festival Temporada Alta, Girona
2013.July.4,5,6 Berliner Festspiele. Berlin.
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2014.July.10 Picnic Session. Centro de Artes 2 de Mayo. Madrid.
2014.August.30 Tanzmesse, Dusselforf.
2014.December.19 Vyrsodepseio. Atenes, Greece.
2015.May.23 Teatro Maria Matos. Lisoba, Portugal.
2015.November.6,7 La Nave. Centro de creación y residencia para las Artes Vivas. Santiago de Chile.
2016.April.14,15 Antic Teatre. Barcelona.
2016.July.29 Joint Adventures, München.
2016.Octubre.22 Escena Poblenou. Barcelona.
2017.Octubre.27 Museu Macba, Barcelona 
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