pere faura
   performance artist

pere faura
performance artist


Born in Barcelona in 1980, he studied music in the music school Diaula and in the Conservatory of Barcelona for more than 10 years, focused on flute and singing. He studied 2 years as a Theatre Maker in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, combining it with ballet and contemporary dance training in Area, espai de dansa i creació. He studied one year of Media and Communication in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and he took the one year Master Study in Culture of Peace and Conflict Resolution in that same university.
In 2002 he moved to Amsterdam to study choreography at the School for New Dance Development, where he graduated in 2006.
Between 2009 and 2011 he studies at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK).



Pere Faura, Barcelona 1980, graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO) in 2006, and his graduating piece won the ITS Festival Award and was selected for the DansClick tour all around The Netherlands. That same year he became resident choreographer at Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam, where he created most of his works, presented internationally, and in 2009 received the prestigious Price Charlotte Köhler Prijs.

After graduating from the Amsterdam Master of Choreography in 2011, returned to Barcelona where he continued developing hi work in different creation centers in the city, as well as collaborating with other artists like Iñaki Alvarez, Joan Escofet, Aggtelek or Desilence Studio, among others.

Pere Faura's work is based on the appropriation of elements of pop culture, such as striptease, disco, musicals or porn, which he remix into a new multidisciplinary choreography combining all the elements of the theatrical convention.

Apart from his work as a maker, he’s also involved in programming activities and designing new contexts for artistic exhibition by being a member of the collective ARTAS (ARTistas ASociados a La Poderosa) and a founding member of G.R.U.A. (Grup de Recerca d’Universos Artístics) together with Claudia Solwat and Anna Rubriola.




--- This is a picture of a person I don’t know
2006.April – (premiere) Voorjaarsontwaken Festival, Den Haag (NL)
2006.June - Its Festival, Premiat a la Millor Coreografia, Amsterdam (NL)
2006.July - Freshdance/Julidans, Amsterdam (NL)
2006.September - Dansclick Showcase, Den Haag (NL)
2006.October - Nederlandse Dans Dagen, Maastricht (NL)
2006.October - Platform of Young Choreographers, Zagreb (CR)
2007.January - Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
2007.January - Verkaderfabirek Theater, Den Bosch, Holland (NL)
2007.February - Aerowaves, The place, London (UK)
2007.August - B-motion, Teatro Remondini, Bassano del Grappa, (IT)
2007.October - La porta, La caldera, Barcelona (CAT)

2007.September/October/November - Dansclick Holland Tour (NL)
2007.September.22 - Theater de Veste. Delft
2007.September.25 - Podium Twente. Enschede
2007.September.26 - Schouwburg Arnhem. Arnhem
2007.September.28 - Theater Castellum. Alphen a/d Rijn
2007.October.3 - Schouwburg De Lawei. Drachten
2007.October.5 - Theater De Vest. Alkmaar
2007.October.6 - Leidse Schouwburg. Leiden
2007.October.9 - Schouwburg De Harmonie. Leeuwarden
2007.October.10 - Goudse Schouwburg. Gouda
2007.October.12 - Zaantheater. Zaandam
2007.October.13 - De Hanzehof. Zutphen
2007.October.14 - Schouwburg De Storm. Winterswijk
2007.October.18 - Witte Theater. IJmuiden
2007.October.19 - Theater 't Voorhuys. Emmeloord
2007.October.20 - Schouwburg Amstelveen. Amstelveen
2007.October.23 - Theaters Tilburg. Tilburg
2007.October.24 - Schouwburg Almere. Almere
2007.October.25 - Schouwburg Agnietenhof. Tiel
2007.October.27 - Theater De Lampegiet. Veenendaal
2007.October.30 - Theater de Maaspoort. Venlo
2007.October.31 - De Verkadefabriek. Den Bosch
2007.November.1 - Isala Theater B.V. Capelle a/d Ijssel
2007.November.2 - Chasse Theater N.V. Breda
2007.November.3 - Schouwburg Kunstmin. Dordrecht
2007.November.7 - Theater 't Speelhuis. Helmond
2007.November.8 - Schouwburg Het Park. Hoorn
2007.November.10 - De Verbeelding. Purmerend
2008.March.13 - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona (CAT)
2008.July.25, 27 - kalamata dance festival, Greece
2008.October.2,3,4 - STUK, Leuven, Belgium
2009.January.9,10 - tanzhaus wrn, Dusseldorf
2009.August.5-16 - Dance base - Fringe Festival, Edimburgh
2009.October.17 - eXplore dance festival, Bucharest, Romania
2010.April.27,28 - International Dance Festival DanceXchange, Birmingham
2010.May.8 - "punt de trobada" - Museu Picasso de Barcelona, Barcelona
2010.May.18 - Teatro Kismet, Bari, Italy
2010.August.17-22 - Dutch Culture Centre. Expo 2010, Shanghai, China
2011.January.28-29 - Scène Nationale de Sénart. Sénart, France


--- Striptease
2007.june (try out): ITS Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
2007.september (try out) Nagib Festival, Maribor (SL)
2008.February.5,6 (premiere) Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
2008.March.14,15 Centro Huarte, Pamplona (ES)
2008.May.16 - Fabrica de Movimentos, Porto (P)
2008.August.3,8 - Implustanz Festival, Vienna, Austria
2008.September.4 - Operaestate Festival, Bassano del Grappa
2009.January.14,15 - Musonturm, Frankfurt
2009.February.20,21,22 - Festival Escena Contemporanea, Madrid
2009.May.28,29,30,31 - Contemporanea Festival, Prato, Italy
2009.September.26 - Es.terni international festival. Terni, Italy
2009.November.12 - The basement. Brighton - UK
2009.November.14 - Homotopia Festival - Blue coat. Liverpool - UK
2010.January.16 - Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona
2010.March.25,26,27,28 - Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Paz, FITAZ. La Paz, Bolívia
2010.April.29,30 - Danae Festival, LachesiLab, Milan
2010.December.27 - La Caseta de la Coma de Burg, Lleida, Catalunya
2012.March.28 - Casa Elizalde, Barcelona


--- Striptease programat (“Viages a la felicitat”)
2007.April-May (16 performances) – Sala tallers, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (S)


--- do you have a cigarette? and other ways of approaching
2008.April.11 - (Try Out) La Caldera , Barcelona
2008.April.24 - (Try Out) Spring Dance, Utrecht
2008.September.6 - (Try Out) Operaestate Festival, Bassano Del Grappa
2008.December.4,5,6,10,11,12,13 - (Premiere) Gasthuis Theater, Amsterdam
2009.October.9,10 - Nederlandse Dans Dagen, Theater Aan Het Vrijthof. Maastricht
2010.February.5 - Something Raw Festival. Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
2010.August.17-22 - Dutch Culture Centre. Expo 2010. Shanghai, China
2011.March.6 - get together and dance, de balie, Amsterdam


--- coser y cantar
2010.March - Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid
2010.April - Springdance Festival, Utrecht
2010.June - Mov-s Festival, Madrid
2010.June - Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam
2010.September - DT Espacio Escénico, Madrid
2010.October - Festival TNT, Terrassa


--- bomberos con grandes mangueras
2010.December - CUVO, Matadero, Madrid
2011.March - get together and dance, De Balie, Amsterdam
2011.December - Escena Criminal nº2 / CRIM, Creadors Independents en Moviment. Antic Teatre, Barcelona

--- diari d'accions
2011.February - Informals, La poderosa. Barcelona (mostra en procés)
2011.April - Centre civic la Barceloneta. Barcelona (mostra en procés)
2011.September.5-30 - Residència de creació. Ca l'estruch. Sabadell
2011.November.7-19 - Residència de creació. Centro coreográfico de La Gomera. Illes Canàries
2011.December.8 - Escena Criminal nº2. CRIM, Creadors Independents en Moviment. Antic Teatre. Barcelona (estrena) 
2011.December.15 - Espai de teatre i Cinema (ETC) de Vic
2011.December.17 - Ca l'estruch. Sabadell
2012.January.30 - Escola d'arts i oficis de Vic
2012.February.3 - Galeria Fidel Balaguer. Barcelona
2012.March.16 - La Pedrera, Barcelona - Obra social de Catalunya Caixa
2012.March.28 - Casa Elizalde. Barcelona
2012.April.19-22 - Antic Teatre. Barcelona


--- dansa real ja
2011.October.1 - Estrena. Terrassa Noves Tendències (TNT). Terrassa
2011.October.28 - Escena Criminal nº1. CRIM, Creadors Independents en Moviment. La Caldera. Barcelona



--- While We Were Holding It Together
Ivana Müller
2006.October.19 - (premiere) Sophiensaele, Berlin (D)
2006.Octobrer.20 - Sophiensaele, Berlin (D)
2006.October.25,26 - Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL)
2006.November.14,15,16,17 - STUK, Leuven (B)
2006.November.28,29 - Theater Kikker Utrecht (NL)
2006.December.09,10 - [Frascati] 1, Amsterdam (NL)
2007.February.13 - Vooruit, Gent (B)
2007.April.21,22 - Springdance Festival, Utecht (NL)
2007.July.3,4 - Belluard Bollwerk International Festival, Fribourg (CH)
2007.August.1,4 - Impuls Tanz/ 8 tensions/ Vienna (A)
2007.September.18 - Kaaitheaterstudio, Brussels (B)
2007.September.29,30 - Gessnerallee, Zürich (CH)
2007.October.07 - Nederlandse Dansdagen (NL)
2007.October.29,30 - Moving in November Festival, Helsinki (Finland)
2007.November.24,25 - JUTA, Düsseldorf, Impulse Festival (D)
2007.November.26 - Studiobühne, Cologne, Impulse Festival (D)
2007.November.28 - Prinz Regent Theater, Bochum, Impulse Festival (D)
2007.November.29 - Ringlokschuppen, Mülheim an der Ruhr Impulse Festival (D)
2007.December.6,7,8 - [Frascati] 1, Amsterdam (NL)
2007.December.15 - Theater Chassé, Breda (NL)
2007.December.17,18 - 100 Dessus Dessous, La Villette, Paris (F)
2008.January.17, 18 - Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL)
2008.January.19 - Plaza Futura, Eindhoven (NL)
2008.February.22,23,24 – National Museum of Singapore (SIN)
2008.March.6,7 – MU Theater, Budapest (HU)
2008.May.9 – Vienna (AT)
2008.May.11 – Berlin (DE)
2008.May.17 – Porto (P)
2008.May.25 – Prague (CZ)
2008.July.5 – Tallin (ES)
2008.March.6,7 - LOW Festival, Budapest (H)
2008.April.9 - deSingel, Antwerpen (B)
2008.May.9 - Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (A)
2008.May.11 - Theatertreffen, Berlin (D)
2008.May.17 - Fabrica de Movimentos, Porto (P)
2008.June.3 - Dance Week Fesival, Zagreb (Croatia)
2008.June.23 - Stary Browar Art Center Poznan, Poland
2008.July.4 - Baltoscandal, Rakvere, Estonia
2008.September.24,25,26 - Dance Theater Workshop, New York
2009.February.6,7 - Salder's Wells Theater, London
2009.February.14 - National Review of Live Art , Glasgow
2009.March.14,15 - LP'09 - Festival Dasna... o no. Mercat de les Flors. Barcelona
2009.May.17,18 - Istanbul
2009.August.28 - Mladi Levi Festival, Ljubljana
2009.October.18 - eXplore dance festival, Bucharest, Romania
2011.February.24,25 - Theater Malpertuis, Tielt, Belgium
2011.April.27,28 - Theater Frascati, Amsterdam
2011.April.30 - Plateaux Festival, Mousonturm, Frankfurt
2011.May.17 - Erlangen, Alemania
2011.August.27 - Festival International des Brigittines, Brussels, Bélgica
2011.August.30 - ZOOM festival, Rijeka, Croacia
2012.March.24 - Imaginale Festival, Stuttgart
2012.May.10 - PACT Zolverein, Essen


--- The show must go on
Jerome Bel
2006.July.29 – Impulstanz, Vienna (A)
2006.September.22 - Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zurich (CH)
2007.March.29 – Artdanthe, Vanves (FR)
2008.February.9 -  Sadler's Wells, Londres (UK)
2008.May.23 - Esplanade of La Defense, Paris (FR)
2008.September.7 - Museion - TransArt Bolzano, Italy
2008.November.5 - Moving in November - helsinki, Finland
2008.November.14,15 - Hebbel Theater (HAU 1) Berlin
2009.March.23 - Carre des Jalles, Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, France
2009.June.26 - Civitanova Danza Festival. Civitanova Marche, Italy
2011.June.14 - Holland Festival, Amsterdam


--- Body in bits and pieces (
Carolien Hermans
2007.June – NPS, Amsterdam (NL)


--- El bosc (“Viages a la felicitat”)
Germana Civera
2007.April-May – Sala tallers, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (S)

--- El último vuelo (“Viatges a la felicitat”)
Montse Sánchez
2007.April-May - Sala tallers, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (S)

--- The sceptic
Carolien Hermans
2006.March – Gasthuis Theater, Amsterdam (NL)